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The REAL TALK curriculum is now available for use anytime and anywhere. 

Whether you’re a high school health teacher, a homeschooling parent, or a mentor for a local youth organization, REAL TALK makes it easier to facilitate conversations about relationships and common struggles facing teens. Every semester presents a new opportunity for impactful conversations that can have life-shaping effects. REAL TALK tackles a variety of topics in an engaging way, while helping teachers to meet standardized requirements for health education. We value teens and believe that investing in them now can have positive long-term outcomes.

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Subscribe: For $39.95/year (12 mos), users may subscribe to our site for exclusive access to all REAL TALK materials. 

Your subscription includes:

  • Unlimited streaming of all 10 REAL TALK videos on our website.
  • PDFs of all supplemental materials, including lesson worksheets and resource pages. 
  • Easy access anytime, from anywhere.

Users will be required to create a user account in order to access the curriculum and manage their account settings. 

Concerned about online streaming? We’re here to help! Contact us for more information. 

Are you a faith-based organization or a parochial school? Contact us for a free downloadable resource.